INNOREL M52/M44/M36 ball head

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SKU: Innorel.BH.M36

INNOREL M52/M44/M36 ball head

This ball head weight is only 650g but provides a payload of 30kg.
Ball head is equipped with 4 buttons for quick setting / horizontal / vertical / side adjustment disc, place your camera at any angle
Ball Head Foot with Damper Tweak to protect your gear from sudden breakage
Both horizontal and vertical water bubbles to increase position awareness. The basis is with the Indicator Mark for more precise control
This panorama head has a U-track design, you can easily switch to portrait mode from landscape mode and vice versa


Model: M52M44M36
Material:Aluminum AlloyAluminum AlloyAluminum Alloy
Net Weight:0.67 kg0.46 kg0.39 kg
Max Load :30 kg25 kg20 kg
Height:96 mm89 mm84 mm
Ball Diameter52 mm44 mm36 mm
Bottom Dia:65 mm58 mm50 mm
Bottom Screw:3/8''3/8''3/8''
Q.R.Plate Size70mm x 44mm60mm x 44mm60mm x 44mm