SunwayFoto DDH-07N Panoramic Panning Clamp, Jaw Length 58mm, Screw Hole UNC3/8", 44.09lbs Capacity

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The SUNWAYFOTO DDH-07N panoramic panning clamp is CNC machined from T6061 grade aerospace aluminum alloy with military Type-III hard-anodized. The top square base maximizes the contact area between clamp and plate, which provides photographers a more stable shooting equipment in severe environment and it's compatible with Canon 1DX, Nikon D4S, D3X etc. professional cameras.

SunwayFoto DDH-07N Features

  • With the elongated knob, wide plates or cameras won't prevent you from manipulating the screw knob, because the knob wont be hidden under the plate/camera or hit the knob
  • New locking structure improves the torque capacity
  • Levels ensure balance
  • Included screws for attaching the Arca dovetail to the bottom of the clamp
  • Mounted on XB-52 and DT-02
  • Panning base lock knob is not captive, it can be relocated by unscrewing the lever until it comes out from the mounting thread and then remounting it