Chân máy chụp Thú hoang dã, Thể thao Tripod Sirui 5214X + Sirui PH-30 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

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Chân máy chụp Thú hoang dã, Thể thao Tripod Sirui 5214X + Sirui PH-30 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

Tripod: R-5214X R5214X

Material: Carbon Fiber
Sections: 4
Tube Max Dia: 40mm/1.6inch
Tube Min Dia: 28mm/1.1inch
Min Hgt: 90mm/3.5inch
Max Hgt: 1600mm/63.0inch
Retracted Height: 580mm/22.8inch
Weight: 2.5kg/5.5lb
Load: 30kg/66.1lb

SIRUI's largest tripods are now taller, stronger and more stable than ever before! 

1. Redesigned spider provides increased stability and load capacity.
2. New cross pattern of Carbon Fiber layers provides significantly increased stability and vibration reduction.
3. New leg angle locking system makes selecting one of the three angle positions fast and reliable.
4. 3 point locking platform makes converting from a still to video tripod fast and secure (the locking channel on the platform/75mm bowl adds stability and greater locking integrity).
5. For speed and convenience, each leg has an automatic leg angle lock mechanism.
6. Lightweight 10 layers 100% Carbon Fiber legs.
7. Flat platform can be replaced with a 75mm bowl for use with SIRUI video heads.
8. Built-in  bubble  level  makes  horizontal adjustments fast and easy.
9. Replaceable rubber foot/stainless steel spike.
10. Hanging hook is also an allen key tool.

Sirui PH-30 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head

The 9.8" tall Sirui PH-30 Carbon Fiber Gimbal Head can tilt and rotate a camera and a large telephoto lens that weighs up to 55.1 lb with ease and smoothness, so it can track fast-moving subjects such as in sports or bird photography. Moreover, the head tilts from -60 to 150° and pans a full 360°, while the platform adjusts 90° in height. Both the tilt and the rotation can lock into place via the tilt's locking knob and the independent pan locking knob.The 3.1 lb gimbal head is made of an 8-layer carbon fiber weave, and the platform is constructed from a lightweight aluminum material. Additionally, the platform is Arca-type compatible, and it includes a quick release plate with both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera mounting threads.

For the use of large, heavy camera and lens combinations a gimbal tripod head is essential. The special gimbal holds the camera with lens in balance and prevents accidental tipping of the entire system as it can happen eg on ball heads.

The lightweight PH-30 with it’s carbon-aluminum construction is extremely durable whilst being comfortable and intuitive. Significantly, the soft, supple movements of the tilt head. Moving objects such as animals or athletes can be tracked easily.

Thanks to the different scales, the head can perfectly adjust to your camera and is therefore always ready for use again. Also the nodal point for distortion-free panoramic shots can be precisely adjusted.

– Weight: 1.4kg
– Load Capacity: 24.99kg
– Dimensions: 250 x 120 x 260mm

  • Material: Arm: Carbon / L-plate: aluminium
  • 360 ° panorama function with scale
  • Scale for pitch, roll and vertical displacement
  • Nodal point adjustment
  • Tilt of +150 ° to -60 °
  • Arca-Swiss compatible quick release plate
  • Inc Anti-twist lip on quick release plate with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 camera screws